Google Streetview – Step Inside

82% of retail consumers do research online before visiting a store ( Forbes article). And Google streetview can help to give you the edge by allowing new customers to visit your store online.

Imaging wanting to take your loved one for a romantic meal. You google restaurants, and then look them up on Google maps. For most you just see the outside of the building, but for one you get to see inside, you see the table layout, the place settings, the ambience. You see it looks romantic so you choose to dine there.

You want to try a new hair salon, one your friends have told you, but you want to know it’s clean and nice to visit. With Streetview step inside you can walk right inside.

Example – Solo Salon

The owner of Solo just wanted a single image inside so people can have a little look.

The first stage is to make a 360-degree panoramic image. The process took about 10 minutes to set up, take the photographs and then put everything away again.

Solo Salon 117 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ES

This image is then processed to make it ready for Google Maps and then uploaded.

Then… Within a few moments..

And it really doesn’t take long before things start to appear. The first thing to appear is the 360 picture on the maps explore tab.

On the explorer bar after a few moments

As Solo Salon was already listed on Maps the image was linked to the salon’s business images. The clickable image of the virtual tour will appear in the photos for the business listing (on the left of the picture below).

Solo Salon’s tour appears on the top left. on Google Streetview

The next thing that happens is after a couple hours, when a small clickable ball appears in the location of the image on google streetview itself. On a bigger tour, where there is a walkthrough, this can take 3 or 4 days for google to process and show it.

People clicking the ball will be taken inside the business. and view the immersive 360 VR image.

If the GPS on the camera is having a bad day and the ball appears in the wrong place, it can be adjusted so there is nothing to worry about if it appears next door to start, it’s a quick fix.

Viewing the tour, What the public sees
the info box

The text in the infobox, “Hair, nails and beauty treatments all in one salon …” can be anything you want it to say.

From Streetview you can also generate a link to your 360 immersive image by clicking the 3 vertical dots on the info box and then copying the link

Sharing your 360 tour

and as you can see you also have an embed option, so if you have a website you can embed your image (or tour) right into your website. Let’s do that here !

And that brings me to the end.