Why I Don’t do Matterport Tours

If you pay a photographer hundreds of pounds for a Matterport virtual tour. What will happen if the photographer goes out of business?

One of the questions I am often asked is “is it Matterport?”.  The answer is “No It’s Not”.  And this is the reason why.

I looked into Matterport when they first started advertising their cameras to people as a way of getting into the VR business as a startup.  People had to buy their expensive cameras, but the promise was a thriving business so that was okay.

Then when I read into it they sounded like they wanted to remain in control of every aspect of every shoot.

  • The cameras could only be used to make Matterport VR tours. 
  • The tour was uploaded and then processed by Matterport,
  • The Tours were branded as Matterport.
  • Once uploaded which I believe had to be done ‘live’ the tour couldn’t be altered.
  • The tours had to be hosted by Matterport’s cloud. there were no other options.

So the photographer bought the camera from Matterport. This camera he couldn’t use for anything else, then after each shoot had to pay Matterport to host the tour.

You can pay up to £500 for a tour if you are a bar or restaurant. Which then brings me back to the question above.

If you pay a photographer hundreds of pounds for a Matterport virtual tour. What will happen if the photographer goes out of business?

Matterport sells a system rather than a camera, as a business startup.  Businesses fail, new businesses fail. what happens if the photographer, decided that to move on from Matterport,  or retires, or he doesn’t get enough work to keep paying for the tours he has already done and he goes bust.   There are photographers who are very unhappy with the way Matterport work.  In fact, here’s one.

When many bought into the Matterport “system” with the promise of filtered leads which would pay for their investment within 6 months.  It seems ion many cases this just didn’t happen and the photographers are ready to throw in the towel. In fact, there is a class action against Matterport by photographers.

Per the case, the defendants’ sales personnel represent that those who buy in, called “Matterport Service Partners (MSPs),” will receive marketing materials and filtered leads in their geographic area that will cover their initial investment in the Matterport 3D camera in six months. 

In reality, however, it is “exceedingly difficult” for those who buy into Matterport’s plan to make a profit given the market for providing 3D camera scanning is over-saturated and devoid of new business leads, the complaint alleges. Proposed class members would not have bought into the defendant’s so-called “lucrative” 3D camera business had they known it was not profitable, the case contests. 

From Matterport Hit with Class Action Over Allegedly Fraudulent Claims for 3D Camera Sales Program 

If being a Matterport Photographer doesn’t guarantee your start-up photography business success, what happens to the tour you have paid for if their business fails?

As the photographer has to pay Matterport to host the tours it’s obvious, if they go, you lose your tour.  You are not given anything from Matterport to physically to keep, there is nothing for the photographer to give you.  Both your tour and the money you paid for it with, will be gone.

Another question is what if Matterport itself goes bust, closes or is sold off? Matterport was asked in 2017 (here) but never responded.

That’s why I am NOT Matterport

When I make a tour we provide you with a backup, the physical files you need to host the tour on your own website.  You don’t have to host it on your own website, I host everything I do on my own website and you will get a link to that.  But if I ever retire you will still have a copy for your own use. Even if it’s a Google Streetview image you still get the panoramic file which you can upload if mine ever disappears.

The other great news

As I am not a Matterport photographer, I don’t have their costs to worry about.  So my prices don’t have to be as high as theirs. In addition, many businesses don’t show their prices until you ask, and then they already have your contact details and have you on the line with their sales pitch to draw you in.  I believe in being upfront about things so my prices can be seen by clicking the button below.See The Prices