The Spurn Point Lighthouse

Monday was such a lovely day I decided to go out for a walk.  I made my way down Spurn Point and made enough images for a little tour, which when all the files are ready I’ll post on here.

Here are a couple of places I’ve put on Google

The Lighthouse At Spurn Head

Spurn Point End

I wanted one image right at the point, where the North Sea meets the Humber.  I made my way to the point and found a couple sat on the beach.  I didn’t want to have them wondering what I was doing, so I told them it was a 360 image and they would look tiny in the image and not worry about it.  I said it might be going on Google maps and the lady said that was great as it was their anniversary.  So I told them how to see it after it gets published..  As you can see it’s ready now.

The Searchlight Bunker

As I walked around making panoramics for the virtual tour, the path led to a bunker.

Sign on the Bunker
The Searchlight Bunker Sign

I couldn’t resist having an interior for the tour.

I don’t want to show the whole tour, but I hope you have enjoyed this little preview.